Saturday, October 17, 2009

The creative catastrophe

Creativity is often construed as a gift for those who hold their head high end attend tea parties wearing expensive tuxedos and speaking with an accent that begs an enema, but this not true these are the people that want to ape the creative bunch,creativity is a calling, its a state of mind, which is brought about by the will to be different. i m sure Beethoven thought he could do a better job than Mozart when he started composing his first symphony, creativity draws inspiration from something and then strives to make it better,and this is proof in advertising when i look at an ad i draw inspiration from it and constantly use that as a base to make it better.but creativity has taken a nosedive with advertising agencies rolling out identical insurance ad s where kotak mahendra looks the same as met life,creative ad s have become hard to find, with more advertisers moving to the rule of thumb "if all else fails put a puppy or M.S Dhoni in it.its a sorry state of affairs but lets hope and pray that some creative director somewhere is watching a fevicol ad and going hmmm i can make this better.


  1. are the ads today really that bad??? and is it not that the I.Q of a normal population is so low that only a puppy or MSD will work on them. if thats the case than ad agencies are doing good.

  2. No agencies need to understand that the Indian audience is more mature, if prathiba jewelers can use Maharani Gayatri Devi for a campaign it targets a mature audience because honestly the majority people in India who buy gold are not very open minded, and to come out with a campaign like that despite knowing your deifying your target market is what advertising is all about

  3. i agree wit u, karthik. as such, tryin to woo audience addicted to puppies or msd's is not d topic of dis.. but it's abt creativity...wel, if there's tat extra bit of enchanting creativity in d ad, mischief managed...
    p.s. don u think d pppy or d zoo-zo's were gud?

    ya, btw, i'm vivek sir's junior at mrmc, gulb...and tat's a hi 4m me...

  4. creativity is not an improvement of something that exists, but its making something new. according to what you say you guys in advertising just modify things and are bereft of your own ideas. You talking about beethoven comparing himself to be better than morzart just makes him of a lower class. beethoven probably just wanted to compose good music and you see the end result. Creativity at its best.... not just a better imitation