Thursday, November 5, 2009

Did JWT invent the grilled cheese sandwich ?

Tall claim made by an Ad agency but its not far fetched, J. Walter Thompson has been handling Kraft food s account since the 1940 s and they realized the potential of emerging media in 1947, They were one of the first to harness the power of television, Kraft in collaboration with JWT launched the Kraft television theater which was an hour long program, this allowed easy product placement for Kraft and the end result was beyond Kraft's expectations as their product s kept flying off the shelves. JWT during the 60s decided to use "end dish" marketing which in essence promotes the dish the product ends up in.During that period JWT pioneered this form of marketing and Kraft became synonymous with the grilled cheese sandwich. their more recent "have a happy sandwich"campaign They continue to establish a bond with the customer expanding the horizon of the product and giving it a wider platform in popular culture by linking it with something of culinary significance.Even though JWT may not have invented the grilled cheese sandwich, But they have succeeded in making a brand synonymous with the dish which is something any advertiser strives to achieve.

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